Half a year throwaway weekly

My first blogging steps
Half a year ago I started throwaway weekly blog. I was curious about blogging and liked writing. How did it work out?

Well, my curiosity on blogging was satisfied. I now know publishing once a week is doable. I’ve worked out a workflow. Surprisingly, the greatest thing, however is people are actually reading my entries, and even take the time to like or comment on them.

Despite all this, the last weeks I have had strong doubts on continuing throwaway weekly. English is not my native tongue, and writing something that grabs and holds the attention takes much time and energy. Yes, it is fun, but I’d like to use the energy for something a bit more meaningful. Like writing a song. Like writing about something I’m passionate about. Moreover, my stash of publishable photographs is getting thin…

For me, blogging is here to stay. I’ll try to continue publishing on throwaway weekly until I find something new …

For all people reading me: thanks for having me!



About Gooi Weg

Always travels with something on his head, and a camera in his pocket. Successful loser.
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